Work from Anywhere with GB Bank

Let’s be honest, we could have all done with escaping the British weather this summer!  

As a bank on a mission to build a better future in regions that need it most, we often talk about our commitment to building and regenerating communities externally. 

But what are we doing internally to help grow and nurture our own GB Bank community? 

One thing that makes GB Bank special is our wonderful team. And it is important that we always look for ways to demonstrate our trust and help our team feel fulfilled in all areas of life. We believe that our people know how and when they work best and providing flexibility enables them to find a productive rhythm between their priorities at work and at home – This is one of the reasons why GB Bank was recognised by Flexa as being one of the Top 100 most flexible employers in the world!

 As part of this, we’ve enabled ‘Work from Anywhere’ leave so our team are encouraged to work from a location abroad or elsewhere in the UK for a set period each year. 

But don’t just take our word for it….From Teesside to Texas, savings accounts to sailing the Turkish coast, hear from some of our team members where they have ‘Worked from Anywhere’ this summer. 

Head of Treasury in Turkey 

Eddie Trahearn, our Head of Treasury, used his leave to sail around the beautiful Turkish coast. He said: “I enjoyed a wonderful new experience and learned more about sailing at the same time as completing work commitments – I found out that sailing can be exhausting but it was also a great way to switch off and de-stress from work as you really need to concentrate. 

“Working from Anywhere really allows you to spend precious time doing things you like whilst also performing optimally for GB Bank. I split my time by combining annual leave and Working From Anywhere – this allowed me to have the experience for longer but still gave me time to fully switch off and enjoy it as a holiday too.

“The change of scenery also led to some better idea generation, clarity of thinking and clearing of brain fog.”

Teesside to Texas 

Head of Information Management, Maria Laden, has utilised the scheme on two separate occasions to visit her son, daughter-in-law and gorgeous new-born grandson, Duke, in Texas. 

Maria said: “As my grandson is still a very young baby it was wonderful to be able to utilise Work From Anywhere so I could spend precious time with him during his first months, and to also help my daughter-in-law with our new baby, which gave her a break. 

“I combined Working From Anywhere with my annual leave.  As Texas is six hours behind the UK it allowed me to join work from 12pm UK time each day (6am Texas time), complete 3hrs 30 mins Work From Anywhere and then take annual leave to enjoy the rest of the day with my daughter-in-law and grandson.

“Apart from the obvious benefit of being able to combine a visit with my family and work, working from anywhere also allowed me to save enough annual leave to enable me to have a relaxing non-work-related holiday just for me. It’s been a real win-win all round!”

Sarah’s seaside retreat 

Sarah John, our Company Secretary, was in the process of selling her house and renovating a new home. Unfortunately, the renovation fell behind schedule and the new home was not ready to move into when the other house’s sale was completed. 

Sarah explained: “Rather than risk the sale, Work from Anywhere allowed me and my family to be able to rent a cottage by the coast for a week where I was able to work remotely while our new home progressed to a liveable state.

“In between working hours, we were able to go for lovely walks on the beach with our dog and enjoy the good weather. It was fantastic to be able to have a change of scenery and enjoy a much-needed break from moving home, the renovations and all the dust!” 

Sunshine and family time for Graham 

Our Financial Crime Manager, Graham Goodwin, got a break from the weather this summer with a trip over to Spain and our Work from Anywhere policy meant he could attend his son’s wedding in South Africa. 

Graham said: “The scheme enabled me to work full time from our holiday home in Spain. It was a nice change of scenery and I managed to escape the British downpour and enjoy the sunshine while I worked.

“Earlier in the year I also Worked From Anywhere in South Africa.  I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with my son and his family in Johannesburg. This was extra special to me as my son got married whilst I was there, so it was fantastic to be able to be part of my son’s wedding celebrations and still fit work around it.”

At GB Bank, acting with kindness and succeeding together are two of our core values. We believe that by encouraging people to learn where and when they work best we will help support a happy and productive team which  ultimately enables us to achieve our business goals and deliver on our purpose.. You can read more about our values here: 

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