GB Bank is proud in Pride month

As with most things in life – those who care, win. One thing we seriously care about at GB Bank is making sure we’re focusing on creating the conditions for everyone to thrive. 

A big part of this relates to our stance on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) – for us this means making sure everyone feels as though they belong, that our differences are celebrated, and we work as one to extinguish exclusion.  

The truth is that today, it isn’t always a fair and equal world for all and it’s up to everyone to recognise this. Although we can’t control how society at large acts, we can control how we act as a business. We believe that if we all do our bit and show positive change, then we will be able to influence society as a whole and create better outcomes for future generations.

Ahead of Pride month, we took the time to invite our team to complete our first ‘Belonging’ survey. That way we had a clear view of how inclusive our culture is, an important foundation to identify where we can build and nurture our culture to becoming more diverse. You can see some of the key stats scattered throughout this blog. 

93% of the team feel respected 

To avoid the pitfall of not having a clear objective or simply following the same route others do, we wanted to make sure we were certain of where we could make the most positive impact and link the action we take to our purpose and values. This is where we are putting our first ‘Belonging’ survey to work. 

89% of the team believe they can be their authentic selves at work 

The survey asked the team to share their opinion on some of the fundamental pillars of an inclusive culture – including voice, psychological safety, equity, growth, alignment to purpose and decision making.

82% of the team say GB Bank leaders role model inclusive behaviours

GB Bank CEO and Co-Founder, Stephen Lancaster, said: “We’re pleased to have made a great start with regards to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and it’s wonderful that our first survey has shown that the team feel they can truly be themselves at work.

“However, we also acknowledge that there is still more to do to get to where we want to be when it comes to DEI. We want to contribute towards making a more equitable and inclusive world for all – and that starts with us.”

Between December 2022 and April 2023 GB Bank has gone from 70% male to 59% male 

Vicky Griffiths, Independent Non Exec Director and champion for DEI within GB Bank, added: “Our first Belonging survey has been really helpful as it helps us map out a clear pathway when it comes to our DEI. It feels like our DEI tree has been firmly planted…we have embedded roots, our trunk is strengthening, and our branches are evolving. It’s such an exciting time for GB Bank!

“Diversity fuels our purpose – we are committed to building better futures for those who need it most. We believe that creating an environment in which everyone belongs and can succeed makes for a better workplace and a more successful business.”

At GB Bank, it’s our differences and varied perspectives that will make the difference, and the more voices we represent and amplify, the more we will all thrive.

We cannot become a more diverse or inclusive organisation through intention alone; we need to act – what we do now will set us on the path towards who we want to become.  While we are still in our early days and have gaps that need to be filled, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion will never just be a tick-box exercise for GB Bank and we strive to improve in this field as the business continues to grow.

We are putting in place a plan to make further improvements, including:

  • Setting and agreeing goals to positively improve our diversity;
  • Identifying and executing in key areas, such as hiring, and setting a roadmap to track our progress;
  • Including a gender pay report as part of the salary review process.

While recognising the progress we have already made, we are not complacent about the challenges we are still working to overcome, but we believe that by embracing our differences and working together, we can succeed.

You can read more about GB Bank’s mission and values on the ‘Our Purpose’ page: 

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